The Angel AII is a compact AC drive speed control solution for all general purpose application including Pumps, fans, material handling, loading application, compressor printing and many others. Thanks to its smart design with loadable application modules and availability in all versions. The Angel AII is available in following models.


  • 380V, 500V, 660V voltage degrees, standard cabinet products cover to 3MW
  • Control units and the underlying drivers apply optical fiber communication, to support distributed installation
  • Power units apply compatible topology design for invertering and AFE energy feedback
  • Standard safety terminals, to provide the safe parking SS1, safe speed limit function of SLS and to improve system reliability
  • Standard cabinet four quadrant products for two-way flow of energy, the energy conservation and environmental protection; the power factor is close to 1, the net side harmonic less than 5%
  • Unilateral maintenance and compact structure design for the standard cabinet products, to save installation space and to improve convenience of maintenance
  • Compatible with Modbus, Profibus-DP, CANopen and Ethernet communication protocols


  • Metallurgical
  • Port
  • Lifting
  • Shore Power
  • Petroleum and Petrochemical
  • City
  • Chemical
  • Power
  • Building Materials
  • Mining
  • Ship
  • Paper
  • Dynamometer
  • EPS

Technical Specifications