Encoders Repairs

Our range of services include encoders power supply repair and ami elektronik encoder repairs.

Encoders Power Supply Repair

Kind of Application Industrial
Mode of Service Required On-Site Service
Mode of Repairing Replacing Damaged Parts
Number of Equipment 3

Repairs most brands at 15%-50% of the cost to new one. Before you think of buying new one, why not let our experienced repair technicians provide you a price quote to repair your damaged encoder. Performs Encoders Power Supply Repair for just about every brand and type of encoder manufactured.For example, Repairs Rotary encoders, Serial encoders, Parallel encoders, Linear encoders, Incremental encoders, Optical encoders, Magnetic encoders, and more.

AMI Elektronik Encoder Repairs

Mode of Service Required Service Centre
Kind of Application Industrial
Encoder Type Absolute, Incremental, Linear
Brand / Model AMI Elektronik


  • Efficient
  • Reliable
  • Cost effective